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About us

Igytech systems is a leading technology company based in Kenya. We offer an array of services like Enterprise Mobile App Development, Internet of Things (IoT) Development, Artificial Intelligence Development, Blockchain Development, Cloud Solutions, Smart Device Development, iPhone app Development & Android app Development, Business Process Solutions, and various other IT related designs. As a leading mobile app development company in Kenya we constantly strive to design successful software systems for start-ups as well as established companies. We understand their intent to achieve exceptional levels of success without compromising quality.

We understand the significance of competitive edge that stems from quality. Therefore, we modify our services to meet the exact needs of our clients. Although we attempt to offer advanced technologies at unbelievably handsome packages, exceptional quality is our might that we never negotiate on. The development team at Igytech systems designs scalable and reliable mobile apps as per your custom demands — that are extremely complex and operative for both platforms of Android App Development and iPhone App Development.